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Our Data Analysis Course Overview

Data Analysis

Welcome to our Data Analysis Course! In today's digital age, data analysis has become increasingly essential across various industries. This program equips you with the vital skills and knowledge needed to navigate and excel in this data-driven landscape. From understanding mathematical and statistical concepts to mastering tools like Excel, SQL, Python, and data visualization techniques, you'll gain the expertise to extract valuable insights from data. With hands-on projects and practical exercises, you'll develop the proficiency needed to make informed decisions and drive results in your professional endeavors. Whether you're seeking to kickstart a career in data analysis or enhance your existing skill set, this course provides the necessary foundation to thrive in today's rapidly evolving world.


No prior database or IT knowledge is required.

By the end of this course, students would be able to

Course Objectives

1. Concept Mastery: Grasp fundamental mathematics and statistics concepts essential for data analysis proficiency.

2. Tech Skills: Develop hands-on proficiency in Excel, SQL, and Python for efficient data manipulation and analysis.

3.Visualization Expertise: Acquire the ability to create impactful data visualizations for effective communication of insights.

4. BI Tools Proficiency: Learn to navigate and extract valuable information from complex datasets using Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

5. Project-Based Learning: Gain practical experience and critical thinking skills through hands-on projects simulating real-world data scenarios.

6. Decision-Making Skills: Develop the capability to extract actionable insights, empowering informed decision-making in data-driven environments.

Coursework - Week-by-Week Curriculum:

Data Analysis - Course Outline

Week 1-2: Introduction to Data Analysis

• Overview of data analysis in today's world • Introduction to key concepts in mathematics and statistics for data analysis • Understanding the importance of data integrity and ethics

Week 3-4: Excel for Data Analysis

• Basic to advanced functions and formulas in Excel • Data manipulation and cleaning techniques • Introduction to data visualization in Excel

Week 5-6: SQL Fundamentals

• Introduction to relational databases • Writing basic to intermediate SQL queries • Data manipulation and aggregation with SQL

Week 7-8: Python Basics for Data Analysis

• Introduction to Python programming language • Data types, variables, and basic operations in Python • Working with libraries for data manipulation

Week 9-10: Advanced Python for Data Analysis

• Data cleaning and preprocessing techniques in Python • Exploratory data analysis (EDA) using Python • Introduction to statistical analysis with Python

Week 11-12: Data Visualization with Python

• Introduction to data visualization principles • Creating static and interactive visualizations • Dashboard creation using libraries like Dash

Week 13-14: Business Intelligence Tools

• Introduction to Business Intelligence (BI) and its importance • Exploring BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI • Creating interactive reports and dashboards for data analysis and presentation

Week 15-16: Capstone Project and Final Review

• Application of learned skills in a real-world data analysis project • Presentation of findings and insights • Final review and reinforcement of key concepts

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Quizzes and tests

Practical BI and database assignments

Group project presentation

Participation and class engagement


Textbooks and online resources

Access to computer labs for practical exercises

Online discussion forums for collaboration

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What you should know about our Data Analysis course

IBM Data Analyst Professional certificate

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Practical Hands-On Labs

12 weeks

Course Duration